5 Timeless Qualities of Copper

5 Timeless Qualities of Copper

CopperTEC are the leading specialists in the electroless plating process, established in 1978. Our team of leading technicians use a wide range of techniques that enable us to produce quality products for our customers.

We are passionate about our work and the qualities copper has to offer, so here are a few interesting points you may not know about the element…

It’s more hygienic than you think

One of copper’s best-kept secrets is its ability to rapidly eliminate microorganisms. Copper ions prevent the biochemical reactions needed for bacteria to survive, so those copper garden ornaments may not be as dirty as you think!

A must-have for interior design

Copper is well-loved among interior designers for its stunning and luxurious appearance. From kitchen and bathroom accessories to larger interior and exterior design aspects, copper’s timeless finish adds a touch of glamour to any application. Industry renowned designer, Cheryl Hucks, predicted back in 2015 that copper would be the newest trend in metallics and she was certainly right!

Marcus Hill, our Commercial Director, summarises his thoughts: “Copper is becoming more popular for decorative applications and is a luxurious asset with the potential to complement any interior project with its gorgeous, distinctive finish – not just in homes but also in social settings such as bars and restaurants.”

Easy maintenance and unique finishes

You can maintain the quality and beautiful finish of copper in harsh weather conditions by applying clear coatings to any copper-plated structure. Alternatively, uncoated copper surfaces can achieve a different, more rustic look. Exposure over many years to sea water or air can result in a bright blue-green patina known as ‘verdigris’. To achieve this look naturally can take many years – however, a technique involving hydrochloric acid can be used to accelerate the oxidation process.

It can last a lifetime

Copper is also massively popular in the fashion industry. In particular, its corrosion-resistant properties increase the quality and lifespan of jewellery. This resistance also benefits the industrial sector by ensuring that industrial equipment – such as pipework, electrical cables, and radiators – are all hard-wearing.

Transform and restore its appearance

One of the more popular requests we receive at CopperTEC is to upcycle or refresh older metal items. This is an efficient, environment-savvy way to give copper pieces a modern look. Old bicycle frames, engine parts, dining tables, kitchen sinks, alloy wheels, chandeliers, and staircases are all regular enquiries. We love to bring a new lease of life to items of sentimental value.

In conclusion, copper has played an important part in history. Although it has proven itself as an irreplaceable asset through its conductivity of electricity and heat, it has far more luxurious qualities to offer than hot showers and phone chargers! Not only is it becoming increasingly popular among interior designers as a unique and quirky statement, but it also offers many other benefits in high-technology, domestic, decorative and industrial applications.

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