Copper: A Constant Trend in Interior Design

Copper: A Constant Trend in Interior Design

With Spring well under way, you may be considering refreshing your interiors and looking to trend boards for inspiration. Professionals and enthusiasts alike are once again finding warm metallic features sweeping the top of interior design trend tables.

Copper has maintained its position among the most coveted of style signatures, so it comes as no surprise that it is still being embraced in the production of big statement home pieces as well as smaller decorations.

In an interview with The Independent, Kate Butler, Design Manager at Habitat outlined the appeal of copper as such:

‘Whereas chrome can seem cold and clinical and gold signals ‘a bit of bling’, copper provides a warming, sophisticated glow that could be easily incorporated into interior schemes to add an element of understated, cool lux. The copper ‘moment’ shows no sign of slowing down.’

Butler posed that the surge in copper used for interior design started with Designer Tom Dixon’s copper pendant lights. Striking, glamorous and slick, the persistence of the material has not gone unnoticed by professionals. ‘As a material, copper is beautiful and will always be in style in some way or another,’ says the team at homewares business Nathan + Jac – a company founded by three leading interior stylists – in Domain’s discussion of top interior trends for 2017.

Copper’s prevalence is undoubtedly due to its incredible versatility. Whether in great or small doses, oxidised and industrial or polished and luxurious, paving floors or hanging from the ceiling, copper can be used to achieve a vast range of aesthetics and the material itself is flexible enough to be incorporated into almost any structure. Moving forward, the challenge is to explore the application of copper and how it can be used, this is where CopperTEC comes in.

With the world’s largest electroless plating facility, whatever your ideas may be, decorative copper plating company, CopperTEC, can help to make them a reality. Whether you want to give a new lease of life to a rusting antique, create a brand-new piece or a full range of products, our team are well equipped to assist. We have already created a variety of pieces, including pristine stand-alone baths, luxury drinks bars, statement sculptures and lighting fixtures – some of which you can view in our Gallery. We’re confident that our high-quality production, years of experience, and our impeccable eye for detail will combine to provide the perfect service to suit you.

Marcus Hill, our Commercial Director, has summarised:

‘As a recognised copper plating company, we’re proud to work with interior designers, artists and sculptors to create works which will stand the test of time, bringing dimension and style to any space. Seeing copper among the top trends again and again is no surprise – we see its lasting appeal with every new project we take on!’

To find out more about CopperTEC’s services for the interior design sector, as well as how you can transform this contemporary trend into an ageless classic, contact us here.

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