Copper Plating for the Bicentenary Bar, Lord’s Cricket Ground

Copper Plating for the Bicentenary Bar, Lord’s Cricket Ground

As a company we have had the opportunity to work on some extremely exciting projects, however, if we were to choose five of the most extraordinary the following would certainly make an appearance.

A world renowned sporting venue and referred to by many as ‘the home of cricket’, Lord’s Cricket Ground is hallowed ground for any enthusiast of the English sport. Upon the celebration of the current ground’s 200th anniversary, the Lord’s team developed a bicentenary bar for punters to toast the site in style. We were fortunate enough to be included in the production of the copper features for the project, as you can see below.

Beer on tap

The Bicentenary Bar is located under the East Stand at Lord’s. Visitors can easily access the bar from the East entrance gate off St John’s Wood Road. The venue wanted the anniversary bar to be eye-catching and iconic, in accordance with its location and the nature of the celebration. We were approached to copper plate the ducting to go along the top of the bar and to each of the pouring stations.

The large horizontal duct carries beer python bundles along the length of the bar, and the vertical ducts run beer lines down to each server. The beer is actually run through unsightly plastic pipes which pump it up and down the counter, however, due to the size of the bar and the amount of customers it would serve, the team needed to find a way to conceal the pipes which was both practical and met the aesthetic of the establishment. The chosen design for the copper pipes was the perfect fit, and to see the bar in person has a striking effect!

Decorative Uses of Copper

Copper has become an extremely popular choice for decorative applications in recent years. These images are a testament to why this is the case! Chosen by designers for its naturally inviting appeal, it is recognised for its ability to add subtle luxury and beauty to a project. Copper also has great antibacterial qualities – so it’s a natural fit for the food and drink and hospitality industries!

If you ever go to a cricket match at Lord’s, be sure to visit the Bicentenary Bar to see our fantastic copper plating project in action – what better excuse for a pint?

If you are interested in copper plating for decorative or functional purposes, please contact us on +44(0)8452243771 , email or speak to us via our contact page.

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